Dzokhar & Tammerlan Tsarnaev vs. Massachusetts State Police Department

Do you know how many first-responders were on scene after the two bombs exploded? Four Hundred.

EMS and Boston Police officers responded the second after the first bomb blew and immediately began shipping the wounded to local-area hospitals and administering first-aid to all on scene. Within a half hour the scene was secured. These were the events of April 15, 2012; this crisis would not be concluded until April 19.

The Manhunt:

After the bombs went off the Massachusetts State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigations held a press conference asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspects, they asked for all types of security cameras and even personal photographs at the finish line. On the 16th and 17th the city mourned as the injured total nearly doubled and the public remained fearful that the suspects would strike again. By 5:20 PM on April 18th the FBI announced they had photo evidence of their suspects. Suspects 1 and 2, as they were known, (later identified as Dzokhar and Tammerlan Tsarnaev), had their pictures posted all over social media and news stations alike. On the eve of April 18, 2013 the forces of good and evil met for the first time on the campus of M.I.T. Campus police officer Sean A. Collier was responding to a noise complaint when he was ambushed in his car and shot at point-blank range by one of the assailants, he died at a Boston area hospital moments later.  The Tsarnaev brothers then hijacked a Mercedes-Benz SUV and drove away, the brothers at this point knew they were in danger and were willing to sacrifice anything and anyone who got in their way. Around midnight the State police and Watertown police tracked the owner of the Mercedes’ cell phone and located the brothers. It was early morning April 19th when the two sides met again, this time the Police got the better end of the outcome. Tammerlan and Dzokhar had thrown dozens of flash bang grenades and other homemade devices at the pursuing officers but the officers were not deterred. The two sides engaged in a firefight and the eldest brother Tammerlan was left dead on the street. Dzohkar fled on foot into the surrounding neighborhood of Watertown, the manhunt continued…

After about 24 hours of searching Dzohkar was found in a boat parked in a residents backyard. He was severely injured and taken to a local hospital to be checked out. All in all the suspects were caught and no police officers died, after feverishly searching for about four days the authorities finally could tell all Bostonians that everything was safe and they could return to the streets of Boston.

This was the people of Watertowns reaction…

In the end did the Tsarnaev brothers accomplish what they set out for? Yes they did; they caused panic and fear to fall over Boston and had numerous victims in their crime. But the Boston Police Department, the Watertown Police Department, and the Massachusetts Police Department also accomplished what they set out for, they captured one suspect and killed another, and in doing so they freed the Boston people from the cloud of terror they had been living under for almost a week.

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