No more IPhones

Our generation has benefitted from some of the most historical technological advances in the past 50 years. Some of these are Macbooks, GPS’s, voice controlled objects, and IPhones. But what if we paused for a second and looked back to the late 90’s when none of these were available. How was life then? If I possessed the power to un-invent something I would choose IPhones.

IPhones are crucial in todays society. If you have a question you google it, if you’re lost you can use a map, or if you want to look up a funny YouTube video you can, everything is right there at your fingertips. Even with all these advances I sense a disconnect between people in modern society. When Im walking to class in the morning I don’t see people talking to each other, i see them waist-deep in their iphone. At parties instead of being social, a lot of people are on their IPhones playing with apps or texting or who knows.

Maybe at 21 years old I’m starting to become old fashioned but I come from a fun filled childhood that didn’t involve technology at all. When i was a kid i played in my sandbox, rode my bike, and hung out with friends till it was time for dinner. I wouldn’t I.M. my friends, I didn’t tag them in a tweet asking them if they wanted to come over instead I knocked on their front door. If the world could physically cope without IPhones there would be these beneficial changes to society; more socialization, stronger ties among friends, more activity, and overall more connection with nature and the beauty around us.

IPhones provide a lot of crucial information that people use daily, but I believe that the world can learn a valuable lesson from a non-IPhone run world. To try it out, try not to use your IPhone for a week (aside from phone calls and IMPORTANT texts).  See how interacting becomes second nature and how going to hangout with your friends is more entertaining than a group message.

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