Post-Bombing security in numbers

On April 15, 2013 the Tsarnaev brothers shook our sense of security. Since that dreadful day Boston has made a comeback, and the reasons for this comeback is simple, the people. Compassionate Bostonians who truly care for each other and have each others’ backs in rough times. Much like 9/11 brought the city of New York together, the marathon bombings brought Boston together. These types of movements aren’t possible without a caring foundation of citizens. Boston held its head low for the victims, and had them in their prayers at night and never seized to think about them.

Boston needed something to be proud about after the bombings, a reason to have her name in the paper for something other than bloodshed. At the time there wasn’t much else going on in Boston. Then came the Sox. The Red Sox proved that Boston was as strong as she had ever been and that its people who walk around the city day in and day out with their heads held high are true Bostonians. This feeling that Red Sox Nation has experienced is a testament to the work ethic of not only this team, but this city.

To complete the journey of coming full circle since the bombings, you must have a parade. Instead of blood staining the streets of Boylston it was confete; instead of people running from explosions they were running towards duck boats. I was at the parade on Saturday and the look on everyone’s face was that of content, relief, and exhaustion.

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