Boston Sports outlook for 2014

With 2013 coming to an end, it’s time, for most, to look back and celebrate. But in Boston the mentality of sports fans is very much  “What have you done for me lately” type of deal. So with that, I look ahead to the promising year of 2014, and what may be in store for all four Boston sports franchises’.


Boston Bruins: The Bruins may be the most obvious contenders for a title out of all four major Boston sports teams. They own the best record and highest point total in the eastern conference and have done so with many injuries on their blue line. 2014s’ Future for the Bruins is in their hands, hopefully for Bruins fans it ends much like 2011 did; with the Stanley Cup making its way to Boston.

Boston Celtics: I have to admit, out of all four major Boston franchises, the only one that I couldn’t care less about is the Boston Celtics. But, for the sake of Boston sports fans I took a look at their standing and realized that this year is a ‘throw away year’ for them. The Celtics traded their three best players for high draft picks and have basically tanked their way to a 10-13 record. But due to the extreme lack of depth in their conference, I’d say that 2014 holds a playoff run for the Celtics. How far they get…is up to them, however I wouldn’t hold my breath for a NBA championship coming from the Celtics any time soon.

New England Patriots: The Patriots of a week ago would have been my favorite team to bring home a national championship to Boston, Lombardi trophy winners, mark it down…but then it happened…No more Gronk. The number one quarterback of all time just lost his number one weapon on offense, and defensively they cannot stop a nose bleed. Injuries have plagued the defense and the receiving corps looks like the island of misfit toys. Not to damper the mood…I believe the Patriots will make the playoffs and play into 2014, but I feel their end will come in an AFC Championship game in Denver, CO.

Boston Red Sox: The Red Sox 2014 doesn’t start until April and boy thats a shame. The latest title winners in Boston have made some less-than-stellar offseason transactions but who knows what will happen with the Sox till the hit the field. I’ve given up predicting what each years finish will be with them, simply because they always make a fool out of me, for better or worse. I hope 2014 is a celebratory year for the Sox and at least I hope a playoff appearance is in order.

In conclusion I’ve established that Boston sports have a bright future in 2014, with two national title contenders (Patriots and Bruins) as well as two playoff contenders (Celtics and Red Sox). But who knows how this will stand come February, until then best of luck to all Boston sports franchises’ and now its time to enjoy the ride Boston fans.

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