Post-Bombing security in numbers

On April 15, 2013 the Tsarnaev brothers shook our sense of security. Since that dreadful day Boston has made a comeback, and the reasons for this comeback is simple, the people. Compassionate Bostonians who truly care for each other and have each others’ backs in rough times. Much like 9/11 brought the city of New York together, the marathon bombings brought Boston together. These types of movements aren’t possible without a caring foundation of citizens. Boston held its head low for the victims, and had them in their prayers at night and never seized to think about them.

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Yankees > Red Sox…still?

Yup folks get ready for the denial from Yankees fans, the excuses, and the ignorance. It wasn’t that long ago when the tables were turned and we were in the Yankees shoes. First it was Ruth, than it was Buckner and finally Aaron “Bleeping” Boone. We got short-changed every postseason by our bigger brother for the better part of eighty years. Now since 2004 the Red Sox have won three world series compared to the Yankees one. But let’s not get it twisted Bostonians, the overall count is 27 to 8…

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No more IPhones

Our generation has benefitted from some of the most historical technological advances in the past 50 years. Some of these are Macbooks, GPS’s, voice controlled objects, and IPhones. But what if we paused for a second and looked back to the late 90’s when none of these were available. How was life then? If I possessed the power to un-invent something I would choose IPhones.

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From the Basement to the Penthouse

Sox fans, make sure your fingernails are long. Make sure your superstitions are in order. And make sure you watch tonight’s opening game against the St. Louis Cardinals. The World Series is upon us.

The Red Sox have captured the hearts of Boston, once again. Just when all seems improbable the Sox rise from the ashes of a 69-93 season with new manager John Farrell at the helm. Boston has been buzzing with anticipation this week.

With another championship (or title) appearance from a native Boston sports team comes the expectations. We as Boston regional sports fans have been spoiled. First the Pats’ dynasty, then the Sox end the 86 year curse, and titles by both the Celtics and Bruins in the past decade. Boston has become a hot-bed for successful sports franchises’ and hopefully the pressure is not put on the Red Sox to succeed.

As sports fans, we tend to get carried away with our expectations and standards. This series should not be about that. Instead focus on what this team encompasses; heart, determination, perseverance, grit, and above all #bloodsweatbeards.


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Top Ten celebrities that support Boston Strong and The One Fund


the "Pres" of the famous site donates thousands to The One Fund

the “Pres” of the famous site donates thousands to The One Fund

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The BOSTON Red Sox defeated the TAMPA BAY Rays 3-1 last night to clinch the American League Divisional Series. The Sox relied heavily on starter Jake Peavy as well as their bullpen to silence the Rays bats. 

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Bold Move By Rolling Stone

Bold Move By Rolling Stone

In contrast to the angry New England region, many people applauded the Rolling Stone article for its groundbreaking journalism and research into Dzokhar Tsarnaez’s childhood and adolescence. One can argue the cover of a magazine is meant to draw attention, and this cover certainly drew more attention than expected. The Rolling Stone did what it has consistently done throughout the past forty-six years, and that is bring the American public their news directly with no filter.

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